Friday, July 11, 2008

The favor of your favor

Way back when I was starting to gather inspiration photos, this was one of my favorites:

Before I honed in on the farmers' market theme, I was thinking rustic elegance (which the farmers' market thing still fits into, I hope), and these seedlings seemed like perfect favors. But there were a few problems.
  • I've read that they're hard to get to grow, which would be compounded by the fact that our wedding is at the end of October - the tail end of when you're supposed to plant seedlings in cold zones.
  • They're kind of pricey (ranging from $3-$6 apiece, depending on the supplier and the packaging).
  • Most of our guests are from out of town, so they'd have to be in sturdy enough packaging for them to transport home. Even with plastic tubing, the reality is that a lot of people might leave them behind or - gasp - throw them away. Sort of defeats the purpose of having an ecologically friendly favor, no?
The most ecologically friendly favor, of course, would be either no favor at all or carbon offsets through a site like TerraPass or NativeEnergy. I would really like to give guests something tangible, though... most of them are traveling a really long way for this wedding, and it's one small token of thanks. My mom's latest idea was jars of apple butter or apple jelly (purchased from an Ithaca Market vendor), personalized with our own label. I'm hoping to use the graphic that the fabulous Stephanie of Stelie Designs created.

These favors would be cute and useful, but not especially original: I already know that our friends who are getting married in September are giving out jars of something his mom is making. I'm slightly worried that it seems copycat-y (I know my friend wouldn't be mad, but I'm sure I'd get a little friendly ribbing from her and some of the many crossover guests); more than that, though, I would love to come up with something slightly more unique that's still equally useable. I've thought about a similar favor with Mike Graney's JP Honey, a nod to the awesome Boston neighborhood we lived in for five years. 

The other option I've thought about a lot but can't get anywhere with: something baseball-themed that's not a tchotchke and might have something to do with the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry. (I'm a Milwaukee Brewers fan by birth, but the Sox are my adopted American League team. Tim is a diehard Evil Empire fan.) Please let me know if you have any clever ideas - I'd love to hear them!

Are you giving away favors? Are you more concerned with making them personal, or making them useful?

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