Friday, July 11, 2008

The favor of your favor, part 2

Somewhat gratuitous. But... Best. Logo. Ever. Source

After I wrote about favors last night, my mission was to find some cute baseball-themed favors this afternoon. I think I scored a home run! (Ha.)

Cooperstown Cookie Company, based in none other than Cooperstown, NY (home to the no-adjectives-do-it-justice Hall of Fame that Tim visited after his Cornell interview), seems like a wonderful, family-run (woman-owned!) company. Besides having adorable products that look delicious, my favorite thing about them so far is their commitment to the Cooperstown community. Because it's a New York State company, I feel like that qualifies as fairly local, especially when I compare it to the distances some other favors might have had to travel. The lanterns I ordered for the centerpieces came from China by way of California, and I'm trying to assuage my guilt by never doing that again.  :-(

The shortbread cookies come in the above four flavors: Classic Baseball Shortbread, Mudville Mudball Chocolate Chip, Boys of Summer Lemon, and All-Star Almond. Cute, right? And because I'm a butter fiend, shortbread is my friend. Yum. Also, I really had my heart set on the "midnight snack" idea that's becoming popular, because people are always hungry again after they've been dancing. (Tim said, "But don't we have to be out of the Fontainebleau by 11?" Thank you, Captain Literal.) A snack AND a favor might break the bank, but if we have the favors at the door as people are leaving, with some chilled single-serving milk cartons, I say that just about covers all my bases! Oooh, I'd better post this before I make any more bad puns.

For Gabby's benefit. source

The cookie idea also ties in with my guestbook idea: vintage wood baseball bats that guests can sign with permanent pens. I've been looking for small ways to incorporate our mutual love of baseball, and I think I might have succeeded!

Do you have any semi-random ideas you're trying to make relevant to the "vibe" of your wedding?


ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

ooh i love your baseball ideas! we are having our welcome party at turner field and are using obviously lots of baseball themed things for that party. our guest book will be a braves jersey that everyone will sign.

Miss X said...

I love the vintage baseball bat idea. We already have our memo board guestbook made, but I'm thinking we could have our wedding party sign a bat or ball and use that as a fun keepsake of the day (good photo op, too!)