Saturday, July 26, 2008

July showers!

I'm distracted by my desire for a Popsicle and can't think of a clever title.

Tomorrow Tim and I are going to NYC to play a show at
The Stone. It's a really cool venue I've never had the opportunity to play, and I'm also pretty sure that some old friends (some of whom I've known for 15+ years!) are going to show up. I think it'll be pretty fun!

Then, after staying overnight (hi Sarah! thanks!!!), I'm flying to Milwaukee for some shower madness. My shower is being thrown by my MOH Melissa, her mom, my bridesmaid Christine, a very close family friend, and my aunt. I'm so excited to see all of them and have also seen the guest list, which is full of wonderful people I haven't been able to spend much time with in a long time. I've always been nervous about the idea of a shower because of the gift-opening thing, but I realize that it's really an opportunity for people to do something EXTREMELY nice and generous - so I'm really grateful for it. I think Melissa, Christine, and I might also have some low-key bachelorette activity. Low-key = operative term, if you're reading, girls!

[insert offensive image here]  
no thank you, to both image placement and activity participation

Because it's an out-of-town shower, the hostesses were very thoughtful to ask that guests send their gifts directly to Ithaca, bringing a picture, a poem, or a token gift to the shower itself. Since some of them are apparently quite on top of things, gifts began to arrive at our house about a week ago... like this beauty, from my parents' good friend:

Angela Adams duvet cover from Bed Bath & Beyond

And this, from a close friend from our old synagogue, whom I've known since childhood:

Bodum thermal beer glasses from Bed Bath & Beyond

I must disclose that I've been enjoying those glasses so much already that I keep washing them so I don't have to use our old ones. :-)  (I knowwww, some etiquette mavens would say I shouldn't be using them before I write the thank-you note... but I needed to get those boxes out of the house! Right? Um... right?)

I'll leave you with a taste of what I might expect from my mom at this shower, given the following that she wrote for my sister-in-law's shower last September. I think the cast of characters should be fairly evident.

The [my fam] of Milwaukee
Are split in their skills
'Tween those who play music
And those who use drills.

The [mom's side] genes lend credence
To most things mechanic;
While genes from Steve's fam
Makes home projects a panic.

Then along comes Ms. Hillary
Whose background brings mixture.
She can engineer concerts---
And hang your light fixture!

Now dear daughter Wendy     <---that's me!
Has caused some to ponder.
With her passion for shopping,
Where DID Fran's genes wander?

But entr'ing stage right, now
Is Hillary the Handy.
A new [my fam] daughter
Who, agreed, is a dandy!

A sister for Wendy,
Fran's tool mate, by gosh---
New daughter for Steve
And a jewel for Josh!

So it seemed most apparent
That the gift with this poem,
For the non-shopper Hillary,
Had to be a gift for the Home-----------------------DEPOT, that is!

Now you can see - I can't help it.

Have you ever been thrown/attended a shower for an out-of-town bride? How was the gift-giving handled?

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