Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Say bye-bye to wetness!

... or not. Argh. I waited a few extra hours to blog about my centerpiece mock-up, but some of the stain still hasn't dried because it's so freakin' humid.

what our backyard feels like today.  source

All right, little bridesmaidies - no more reading!

But something really cool did happen yesterday. Last week, I posted an Alchemy bid to create an image of allium and fiddleheads that Jes can use on the bridesmaids' shawls & groomsmen's ties, and that we can use on the out-of-town bags. I hadn't budgeted for it, so I set the bid low at $10, hoping that someone might take pity on me and do a quick little sketch that would still look cool once silk-screened. I really had NO idea what's involved in creating an image that can be used as a vector (and still don't), but some of the bids I got were no better than what I could have sketched myself, honestly. I don't mean that as an insult to any Etsians - I think the bid was just awfully low.

Then I got a message from Beth of wildemoon. Would you be willing to go up to $15? Absolutely. I can put it into vector format for Jes so she doesn't have to do it. Awesome! Look at my samples and see what you think. Amazing! I love this one, called "Gray Day":

image by and property of Elizabeth Wilde

Beth was incredible to work with. Every time she e-mailed me, she had a new idea or a new version attached. I gave her several different photos to work from, and then she tweaked the sizes and layout of the stems so they were more comparable in size. She works so fast that the entire process was finished in less than 3 days! Jes is also really happy with the design and has already said she'd love to work with Beth again, which is really exciting to me - I'm so happy that I can claim a little bit of responsibility for artistic matchmaking. :-)

Here's the final product - I'll remind you that I'm a violist and Tim is a percussionist, and the two plants represented are drumstick allium and fiddleheads. Tee hee.

What do you think? Pretty cool, eh? Have you invested in or created a custom graphic for any of your wedding needs?

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