Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Westward, ho! (Hey, don't call me that.)

Along a moving walkway at SeaTac airport. Besides just being rad, it reminds me of  this
which I keep in my viola case as a little "Tim" memento.

My mom and I just flew to Seattle on a frequent-flyer-mile-enabled trip to have my dress fitting with Chrissy Wai-Ching! I am beyond excited. After waking up at noon on Sunday (ah, the life of a musician), I went back to Boston for a day, hung out with my friends Andrea and Glenda, tried to sleep, couldn't, and flew out at 6:30 Monday morning. I crashed this afternoon for a couple hours but am still so antsy that I can barely sit still, much less get ready for bed. Let's count: That means I've been up for nearly 39 hours, not counting today's nap. Yee haw!

Here's a little peek at what we're up to, since I just can't wait to share these pics... especially the last one:

Safeco and Qwest Fields, as seen from the highway. (I took this picture while my mom was driving 65mph, thankyouverymuch.) I am so jealous that Seattle has two stadiums right next to each other, within walking distance of lots of cool downtown stuff.

My old friend Sarah grew up in Seattle and had some recommendations of great places to eat. She knows me so well. :-) I think we'll go here for lunch on Tuesday:

Cafe Flora. source

Doesn't that look amazing?? Farm-to-table, community-minded restaurant with food that sounds freakin' delicious.

Tomorrow morning we're going to hit Pike Place Market for a few hours, then go on a Sephora expedition to find some super-sweatproof makeup. There's no major makeup counter or store even remotely close to Ithaca, and this is a chance to go when I don't have too much other stuff going on. My mom hates shopping with such unbridled fervor that I may drop her off at a coffee shop and tiptoe among the [tu]lip(stick)s alone. (Just humor me. It's a family curse, and I've been with my mom for 12+ hours straight. I can't help it.)

Pitter patter pitter patter. source

And finally, the teaser I'm so excited about... thanks for bringing it with you, Mom!!!

To be continued...

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mamamilkers said...

Oh fun! Welcome to Seattle, enjoy your fitting with Chrissy! I get to go in for my final fitting on Saturday and I can't wait . . . .