Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guilty guilted me into it.

Just kidding, Guilty Secret! But I definitely should never make promises I'm not sure I can make good on in a timely fashion. 

My mom and I are getting ready to leave our hotel, and I have a long day of traveling ahead of me (through Milwaukee with a layover, then back to Boston and driving to Gabby and co.'s house to stay the night). So I'm going to post ONE more round of teasers before starting a full, only-a-few-holds-barred rundown of the Seattle trip.

I'm not feeling terribly body-happy these last few days, so I'm going to post a few pics of the full dress hanging by itself before posting the pics of me in it. I know it's sort of silly, but it's less scary for me that way. I also took over 100 pictures at Pike Place Market that I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate into the wedding...

See you when I'm back in EDT!


sarah said...

the dress is so pretty! and your pics from pike place are lovely :) i'm so glad you had a chance to explore the city a bit! see you soon!

Guilty Secret said...

Hooray, I made it into your title :)

Your dress is soooo cool!