Sunday, July 20, 2008

My tomatoes are GROWING!

Oops, I forgot for a minute that this is a wedding blog. Sorry. BUT humor me for a minute: my tomatoes, strawberries, savory, oregano, parsley, lavender, and even the basil that looked like it had kicked the bucket... they're all thriving! And all I had to do was leave town for three weeks.  :-P

So... those pictures I promised. Love the dress; only semi-loving the girl right now. I'm not usually like that, which is why I'm a little bummed. I'm wondering if it would be 1) not too hard and 2) more flattering to make it strapless, but I think the fabric probably isn't rigid enough to support my puppies... er, dogs. St. Bernards. But maybe a bra could be built in. Any thoughts? Leave it as it is and do some serious weightlifting? I definitely need a better bra than the one I'm wearing in the pictures, that much is certain. And the necklace is looking kind of funny - I'm going to be wearing a longer one with a pendant.

I kind of wish I had taken pictures of the back before I took it away from Chrissy's, since I couldn't really see how it's cut there. I would have liked for it to be pretty much straight up and down, rather than curving in near the shoulders. I'm going to have some kind of wrap, but I'd rather not need to wear it. The thing is, I'm not really sure what could be done to fix the shoulders. I guess she could add some of the same red edging that's around the neckline. Thoughts?

In any event, the Seattle trip was a lot of fun, albeit exhausting. The biggest day involved two trips to Chrissy's (she is, in a word, amazing... I can't really begin to describe how easy and great she is to work with), one LONG wander-fest through Pike Place Market (with a detour to Nordstrom Rack - didn't buy anything!), and a leisurely & delicious dinner at Ray's with my mom.

PP Market is one of the most incredible and overwhelming places I've visited in a long time. I don't usually do well in crowds, so it was a little intimidating for me. But after braving multiple street markets in Hong Kong a few months ago, this one actually felt downright spacious. Here are a few more pictures from that visit - pretty soon, they'll turn into something wedding-related! I'm aware it's moderately strange that I'm more excited about produce than my dress (to the point of posting three times more veggie p*rn than dress porn), but I know some of you will relate.  :-)   I'm also pretty happy with how these photos turned out, just taken with a little Kodak EasyShare! I did some very minor editing in Goldberg (including cropping the datestamp, which I brilliantly forgot to turn off). Most of the thanks is due to the cute signs and my new friend Butch (last picture), who kindly let me snap away for about 15 minutes. Butch rules.

Have you traveled far and wide for your dress, or made a big purchase on a leap of faith? I'm feeling a little silly that I took such a huge trip and am not totally in love with how I look in the dress. Please give me some thoughts and advice!


Guilty Secret said...

Greta news about all the veg ;)

I love the dress on you... so medieval! (That's a compliment... I originally wanted something with the same kind of vibe...)

I like the almost racer style back, but if you don't, I think adding more red there could work really well. Best consult the seamstress!

Anonymous said...

your dress is GORGEOUS!!! I love it! and can't wait to see you in it in person!