Monday, September 1, 2008

Well, aren't I forgetful?!

First, let me just say that my favorite nonstandard punctuation mark is the interrobang.  (We all know what my favorite standard punctuation mark is.) I mean, just the name is amazing. Also, I want this:

Someone who shall remain anonymous just asked over my shoulder, "Do you have less-favorite nonstandard punctuation marks?"


After my last post, I realized that I hadn't ever posted about the super-awesome original graphic from....... you guessed it, an Etsy artist. The image that Jes used on the tie is also currently being turned into a rubber stamp, and said image isn't just any floral pattern. I mentioned a while back (wow, I've referenced that post so many times!) that I wanted to create boutonnieres out of drumstick allium (representing Tim) and fiddleheads (representing me). And, as I said then: awwww. Unfortunately, both are spring plants, and neither is that easy to find in dried or silk form... at least not from the same sites. It was becoming too much of a headache. I found a few inspiration photographs that fit Jes's guidelines (essentially, detailed but not too) and got to work. After determining that my art skills remain planted firmly in eighth grade, when I was actually decent, I set up yet another Alchemy request on Etsy and hit yet another jackpot. Beth of wildemoon replied to my post: she's a professional graphic designer and told me that she could 1) complete the project very quickly and 2) put it into vector format for Jes. Right on!!! Her communication was unbelievably awesome, and she went through several different versions of the image before I was totally happy with it. Here it is in its final glory:

I love, love, LOVE it! It's going on OOT bags, programs, wedding party-wear, and a few other goodies. Also, I really like that both plants (allium=garlic; fiddleheads are often sauteed) are food-related. :-D

What do you think?(!?!)


Jenna said...

This interrobang is a new thing for me, but an instant favorite. I love the graphic, and if I had it myself, I would plaster it over everything as well.

Guilty Secret said...

Thank you for introducing me to the interrobang. Very cool name for a very cool punctuation mark. I'm absolutely incorporating that into my everyday emails from now on.

And I cracked up at those huge brackets (parentheses)!

I love your graphic too. Very cool.