Sunday, September 21, 2008

remember me?

The onetime blogger who used to post 3x/week? Yeah... August and September, not so much. 

This weekend has brought what I've been dreading: a flare-up. Ugh. I will spare you details, but let me just tell you, it SUCKS. I've had UC since I was 19 and have been extremely lucky to be in remission most of the time, but every couple years, it gets the better of me. UC is exacerbated by stress and anxiety, so it's a wonder I don't have a constant flare-up (thank you, SSRIs!). It's also very lucky that this happened now instead of closer to the wedding. Sadly, I had to cancel a trip to NYC (for meetings and a rehearsal, to see Jes, to stay with my adorable flower girl and her family... and see her dress!!!, and to see my friend Ty) so I could stay curled up on the couch and [very] close to the bathroom. :(  Tim has been taking excellent care of me, although he's being a little b*tch about making me stay on the BRAT diet... yeah, yeah, I know it's good for me, but I'm so bored with the boring food. I also have to take prednisone [a steroid] for a few days, which wreaks havoc on my sleep habits because it's such an upper. But I'd rather have my tummy feel better.

Hey, where'd they put my applesauce?

Regardless of the pain and discomfort, this absolutely forces me to slow down and take it easy for a few days. We were the lucky, lucky, LUCKY recipients of a wedding-gift hammock stand from our friends Brian & Molly, who sadly can't come to the wedding. I bought a hammock before we moved into this house (so, June 2007), because there are so many trees in the backyard I thought there would be tons of places to hang it. Alas, most of the trees are on the edge of a small hill, so it's impossible. But the hammock stand arrived this week, Tim set it up yesterday, and we spent several glorious hours lying in the beautiful rainbow-colored hammock. I looooooove it! It's dark out now, so I can't take a picture. But the hammock and our backyard are exactly what I pictured when we moved to Ithaca. It makes me so happy. (And I could still run in to go to the bathroom!)

kind of like ours. only NOT as awesome. :-D

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Amy said...

SO jealous of your rainbow hammock! It puts ours to shame. Sending you love and hugs..and rice xoxoxo