Sunday, September 21, 2008


One of the first things I blogged about (and the post I've referenced a zillion times) was the Knot centerpiece inspiration. Here it is one more time:

I really wanted to grow the "stuff" in the centerpieces myself. In fact, at one point I posted a query to the Weddingbee boards. A few people recommended groundcover, which would be easy to grow - and one of them was Amy, before we "knew" each other! But I decided that it was just too much for me. I would have loved to have home-grown centerpieces, but I figured homemade was almost/just as good. Here they are - sorry for the crappy pictures and the mess in the background!

  • wood trays (about $5 apiece) from Jamali Garden (mentioned in earlier post)
  • beige/neutral-colored craft moss from Michaels; I used two large bags of it at $3.99 each to fill all 24 trays. 
  • lanterns from eBay: with shipping, about $5 each
  • teal satin ribbon from the A.C. Moore dollar bin (!!!)
  • inside the lanterns: soy tea lights from Etsy seller Worthy Soy Candles. They last a lot longer (about 6 hours!) than wax and are substantially better for the environment (about $0.50 each).
  • Dollar Tree easels ($1 each) - we painted them copper because they were different colors.
  • chalkboards - $0.50 each at A.C. Moore
  • The ugly fake gourds will be replaced by small [real] apples, and the chalkboards will also have little cartoons of different apple varieties. (How creative can you get with this? We'll see. But you'll get a taste of Tim's adorable and slightly warped cartoon handiwork soon.)
The total cost (~$14 each, once all is said and done... plus the chalk pens that will be used for the escort chart and many other things, so I'll move them to that part of the budget :-D) was a little more than I hoped to spend ($10), but it's still half as much fresh flowers would be. I lurve fresh flowers, but we'll still have plenty of them on the buffet tables and in the ceremony. I like the variety this adds, and people will be able to take components home (or I can resell them). It's also very rustic-ally elegant, don't you think? 

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Amy said...

eeeek they look so good! i'm so proud of how they evolved.