Monday, September 29, 2008


OK, got that out of my system.

Now, back to business.

One of my most difficult projects lately (as far as emotional attachment) has been narrowing down the farmers' market photos and photos of Tim & me that we're going to display clothesline-style. I had hundreds, cut it down to 150, and cut it down again to 70. I'm still trying to get rid of some, but first I need to decide which of our engagement photos to ADD to the pile. Sigh.

We were really happy with how our e-photos (taken at the end of May) turned out, especially because both of us were pretty nervous. I'm usually not anxious in front of the camera, but knowing how uptight Tim was about it made me less relaxed. Laura Kozlowski and her assistant, Peter, were amazing - I'm thrilled with the photos themselves, just not always the models!

So here are the ones still in the running - I haven't decided how many to print (4-5?), but I'd like to try to use one from each location. And I'd love to hear which ones are your favorites. Please comment below!! (Also, question for those of you familiar with Blogger: how can I set up the photos so they display larger when clicked on?)

We started out at an old abandoned barn close to our house:

... moved on to a field of gorgeous yellow flowers that Laura had seen (yes, I'm aware they bear resemblance to Claritin/Tampax/Valtrex ads, but the colors look amazing!!):

... hit the empty farmers' market:

... and finished up at Steamboat Landing, right next to the market:

All photos by the fabulous Laura and Peter. Please credit Laura Kozlowski.


Jenna said...

You can choose the upload size when the window pops up to choose the file location, it's in the bottom righthand corner! I always choose large!

Although you should know your photos will only be as large as they actually are. So if your photo sent you really really small pictures they won't really upload much bigger.

I love the ones in the field! So much pretty yellow.

Guilty Secret said...

Wow, such great shots!

Stelie Designs said...

Gorgeous Photos!! hmmm...I love more natural less posed looking pics so my favs are:
#3 - it looks like you both are laughing
#4 - the colors are so vibrant
#8 - I love the surroundings, the look, the pose, etc. I think it may be my most fav.

reckless mind said...

I just discovered your blog via A Practial Wedding. Beautiful engagement photos! Sweet and genuine without any forced edginess :-)

I'm with you all the way on WeddingBee-- my disenchantment started with the spelling/grammar issues, and was sealed with the eHarmony deal. Oh well.