Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our story, part 2: getting caught.

A month after we'd met, I had a concert in New York that I was unbelievably nervous about. Tim wrote hilarious, encouraging e-mails to me at least once a day to inspire my lackluster practice routine, and I began to get kind of excited about playing the concert. He promised to come down to NYC from New Haven to see me play.

What a nice platonic friend, right? I mean, he KNEW I wasn't interested. (To be fair, I wasn't displaying any of these signs.)

After the concert, we went out with a friend of my parents,  who happened to be in town. Even though Tim and I "weren't dating," the friend told my dad that I seemed very happy with my new boyfriend. Um........... excuse me?

Upon having a not-that-close friend see the connection between us, my eyes were duly opened to a few things: 1) I was being stupid, 2) Tim was treating me really well despite our "not dating" status, and I was treating him really badly in return, and 3) well... I was being stupid.

We soon made it official. Over the next year, Tim traveled back and forth between Boston and New Haven, making the full move to Boston (five-octave marimba and all) in June 2003.
This puppy lived in our dining room for 5 years. Now it has its own room, with lots of drums to keep it company!

In the next chapter of our history: stage diving (alone).

Did you keep a list of characteristics your Perfect Human would have? Were those expectations, like mine about a Jewish non-musician, thrown out somewhere along the way?

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