Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beet it

After I wrote about the cake decoration issue the other day, I was inundated with responses to my Alchemy bid. OK, not inundated, maybe, but I did get at least eight responses. I thought that was pretty awesome!

The two that piqued my interest the most were wonderworks and BCDGifts. wonderworks' shop is all polymer clay miniatures that are colorful, detailed, and adorable. She wrote and said she could make the veggies I want out of gumpaste, which I know would be easy to mail, take color well, and last a few days without compromising its [somewhat marginal because gumpaste just is] taste. She assured me she could imitate with gumpaste anything she does with clay.

Adorable, right? The detail is amazing. source

BCDGifts' shop, on the other hand, is part crafts and part food. Most of the food work she does is chocolate, both milk/dark (normal brown color) and dyed white (bright colors). These would also last several days without worrying about taste, and it'll be cooler so we likely won't have to worry about melting.

I'm not sure, though, which will complement Grandpa's beet cake more successfully. Even though I am a chocolate fiend and would certainly love the taste of it more, I wonder whether it would be overkill atop a beet cake cupcake. However, why should I compromise the taste?

Should I spend money to order samples from both sellers, or do you have an experience with either of these materials that would help me decide? Or since I'm sure some of you have already made the recipe :-) ...which do you think would taste better with beet cake?

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