Thursday, August 28, 2008


I wanted to show the Martha-style wraparound labels I used for the invitations. Sorry it took so long to post these pictures!

It was 3 AM after we got back from Ty and Vinayak's wedding, and Tim and I had to leave my parents' house at 5... so I wasn't so focused on getting the labels from all angles. I forgot to get the back, which was my parents' return address printed at a 90 degree angle to the addressee's address (does that make sense? I'm sleepy now too...). The font is Cantabile (a music word! it means "sung" or "singing") from dafont, and the labels are brown kraft from Labels by the Sheet. I really love how the color contrasts with Stephanie's cream paper and adds even more textural interest. Stamps are the Charles and Ray Eames (furniture) ones, which I love... we ran out of those and got vintage-y baseball stamps (not vintage stamps, just USPS's current vintage style), which were even more perfect!

I tore the right side of the label on one of them accidentally (actually my brother and SIL's), and I really liked how it looked. In a rash burst of creativity, I decided to do it to all of them. My mom HATED it. I thought that was pretty funny. I know, I'm perverse. I get that from my dad. (Sorry mom... if you happen to be reading.)

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