Thursday, August 28, 2008

Here we go!

Well, yesterday was T minus I do know how many days. It's two months, everybody!!! And today was T minus two months to my sister-in-law's due date. And Friday is my parents' 37th wedding anniversary. Dizzamn.

I've been busy uploading pictures with my new Dynex DX-CRMN1, which I bought instead of a cable ($10 less). I had somewhere around 400 pictures I needed to upload, and I'm not about to make Blogger crash completely around the planet by trying to put all of them on here right now. But here's a picture-heavy post for you. However, because I'm so damn behind on blogging, I'm going to take a little poll. Let me know in the comments which of these photos pique your interest, and I'll post about the ones that seem to make people the most excited. Hooray!

1. The shower hostess gifts, wrapped and ready to go.
2. My lovely SIL, Hillary, and me (wearing requisite crown).
3. My beautiful mom, after I tired of the crown. :-)

1. MOH Melissa shows the difficult decision we had to make.
2.-3. BM Chrissy (Christine) and I model totally hot sunglasses at Fred Boutique in Milwaukee's hip Third Ward.
4.-5. Roots Cellar and the veggie burger that made my head spin... and not in a good way. :(  (Good story, though!)
6. The three of us outside Roots - the Milwaukee skyline was really hard to capture at night, but it looked gorgeous!

1. This is one of about 70 pictures I took during the Hindu ceremony (even Vinayak's dad was camera-happy)... unfortunately, I was playing during the ecumenical ceremony and didn't get to take pictures. Ty's dad and my dad lived down the hall from each other in college and were also at the same school (but different programs) in grad school. After growing up a few hours from each other and seeing each other's families once in a while, Ty and I ended up living in Cambridge, MA, at the same time for a little while. She's a really wonderful friend, and this wedding was so special. I hadn't met Vinayak before the rehearsal dinner, but after talking to him for 3 minutes, I could see exactly how perfect he is for Ty.
2. My adorable dad. Not sure whose fingers those are on his shoulder...

TIM'S AND MY TRIP DOWN BOSTON'S MEMORY LANE (or, Wendy drags Tim around Boston to take pictures she can display at the wedding)
1.-2. A very small representation of our favorite restaurants - we celebrated many special dates at Dali. Dogwood Cafe has great pizza and was our favorite neighborhood hang in JP (a block from our old place).
3. We spent 10 weeks working for the American Repertory Theater and had the chance to play at the very cool Zero Arrow Theater.

and finally......
4. Ah, 84 Ellery Street in Cambridge. The site of our first kiss. Also the site of my being a total bitch to Tim and not letting him leave his heavy bag in my apartment OR in the trunk of my car, for fear of... ahem... something happening. I was determined not to like him. Yes, he felt the need to re-enact that experience.

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