Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Perhaps it's because of the still-missing camera cable. (I promise I'll replace it, I promise!) Or maybe it's that I've been dreading listening to 22 violists play excerpts from
The Planets tomorrow and have just been avoiding life in general. Maybe it's that I am spending too much time on kitten blogs. Could it be that I'm overwhelmed by my foray into DIY weddingness and am embarrassed to show you pictures? Oh wait, I can't show you pictures. Heh.

Whatever it is, I'm forcing myself to get back on the horse and write this post so that I'll 1) go buy a new camera cable and 2) post soon. Really.

By the way, the replacement LEDs came, and the color is great. Unfortunately, I had to buy water-clear ones and am in the process of painstakingly sanding ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY of them to make them diffuse. Oh boy is it fun. Fingernails and chalkboards spring to mind, even with 400-grit sandpaper.

Source. No, ours are not red...


Guilty Secret said...

I'm glad you've found a way to get it sorted out even if the process is a bit of a nightmare!

Anonymous said...

Yay you're back and OMG 2 MONTHS!!!! Now go get a camera cable.